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John Glenn Scholars is a mentorship program for the students of John Glenn High School.

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The students in the program are teamed up with a mentor who helps them achieve their goals. Mentors include school teachers, police officers, The Mayor of Westland, school superintendent, and janitors.

  • Reward based academic partnership between the Wayne Westland Community Schools and the Westland Community Foundation.
  • Begun in 2015 and is heralded as being responsible for an unprecedented rise in grade point averages, attendance, and student involvement.
  • To earn an award, the student and parents must sign a contract agreeing that the student will improve their GPA by at least .5% by the end of the semester.


  • 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • 42404 Ford Rd Canton, MI 48188
Chipotle Fundraiser

Join us at Chipotle in Canton! 50% of proceeds supports John Glenn Scholars!

Our Goals

Here you can review some statistics about our program
Students Enrolled
Increased GPA
Reached Goal


Admissions Process

Each student needs to pick up a contract from either Louis Przybylski, School Psychologist or Kimberly Cieszynski, Assistant Principal. The student is then required to find a faculty/staff member who has agreed to mentor them. The contract is to be signed by the student, mentor, and parent/guardian and submitted to room 139 by each semester deadline.