About Us

Our Mission

is to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success in John Glenn High School students. Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with their mentor. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our student’s learning.

2015 was the kick off for Champions of John Glenn High School incentive program. The program was designed to motivate and encourage students to apply their self and in doing so they will be rewarded with $200.00 check each semester. Each student is to find a mentor within their school, fill out the contract having the mentor and their parent/guardian also signing the contract.

The mentor then works with the student to encourage and them in completing their homework, checks and their grades throughout the semester, informs them of missing homework and keeps them moving in the right direction. The parents are also a great factor to this program with reminding their children to complete their studies that were given and to engage in any way they can. Once the student completes their semester and reaches their goal Glenn and Patty Shaw not only opens their hearts but also their wallet to complete the contract. For the first year the Shaw’s has given away $59,200.00. The checks are handed out at the end of each semester at a celebration banquet in honor of the students accomplishments hosted by the Westland Community Foundation where dinner is served to the achievers and their parents/guardians and mentors.

After the first year the Champions of John Glenn has been a great success!

Take a look and see.

|                                              First Semester                            Second Semester

Registered Students            420                                               567

Achieved their goal              137 (33%)                                   159 (28%)

Increased their grade          238 (57%)                                   533 (94%)

Glenn and Patty Shaw has committed to support this program for 4 years. Giving away close to a quarter of a million dollars. This is where you come in. The Champions of John Glenn NEEDS your support to keep this program going. With increasing the education in the community it not only betters the students but in betters the funding for the school system which then betters the community and then betters the business’s in the community. An educated community is the place to be! Please help by donating online or contacting the Westland Community Foundation at 734-595-7727