Who We Are

Welcome to John Glenn Scholars!

John Glenn Scholars programThe John Glenn Scholars program is an academic partnership between the Wayne-Westland Community School district and the Westland Community Foundation through a grant from the Glenn M. Shaw, Jr. family.  The goal of the program is to encourage students to improve their grade point average through goal setting, accountability, and mentorship with a cash reward component for success.  It was begun in 2015 and is heralded as being responsible for an unprecedented rise in grade point averages, attendance and student involvement.

John Glenn Scholars Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the reward of $200 per semester, the student and parents sign a contract agreeing that the student will improve their GPA by at least .5% by the end of the semester.  To support the student towards their goal, parents and volunteer mentors work with the student and monitor homework and class assignments for progress.

If successful, students and their parents are invited to a banquet held in their honor at the end of the semester where students receive their $200 award.  In addition to the award, students wearing their “John Glenn Scholar” t-shirts are eligible for discounts on goods and services at a growing list of Westland businesses.